Thursday, 6 June 2013


1. This is an Irish Times article which talks about the experiment.

2. The DELOS project is conducting research into the design of Low Crested defence Structures.|As it is overtopped by seawater a number of times per year the causeway could be considered one such structure.

3. The Urbane project is conducting research into biodiversity on artificial and natural coastal environments

4. To find out more about biodiversity in Galway city try-  Galwaybiodiversity

5. There is an EU-wide study into the current state of play with coastal defences and proposed responses to sea level rise
    resulting from climate change. read a bit about Ireland's position at

6.The BBC have a fantastic programme called The secret life of rock pools, hosted by  Professor Richard Fortey, which gives wonderful insight into the biodiversity of the pools. If you are lucky enough to be in an area that allows you the use of the BBC iPlayer click here and there is access to various clips and possibly even the entire programme.

Learn how limpets stamp on the toes of marauding starfish like a seasoned exponent of krav maga self defence!

If you don't have access to iPlayer, keep a weather eye open for repeats on the BBC and the documentary channels.

7. The University of Exeter are also conducting research into biodiverity and coastal defences.

8. Some other studies I've done in the past about plant hormones.

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