Friday, 23 August 2013


Below is the final list of all the various species found during my investigation of the 10 sites. I spent 30 minutes at each site as part of the survey (an equal amount of time for each site to allow for a statistical comparison).

The lefthand side has the scientific names with the Genus and Species eg. Fucus (genus) vesiculosus (species). In a number of cases you will see a name given as spp. eg Ulva spp.; this just means that I couldn't indentify the find down to species level and it's simply listed as Ulva "species". Some organisms require experts to be identified to species level and I am definitely not one of them.

  Name   Common name / Pointers to ID
Fucus vesiculosus
Bladder wrack
Fucus serratus
Serrated wrack
Ulva spp.
Sea lettuces and Gut weeds (Hollow)
Corallina spp.
Calcified red algae/ Coral weeds
Brown limpet paint
Saccharrina latissima
Sugar kelp/Sea belt
Mastocarpus stellatus
Grape pip weed
Chondrus crispus
Irish moss
Lomentaria articulata
Bunny ears/ Bunny-eared bead weed
Sacchoriza polyschides
Bifurcaria bifurcata
Brown tuning fork weed/Brown forking weed
Laminaria digitata
Oar weed
Palmaria palmata
Osmundea spp.
Flat fern weeds
Lithothamnion complex
Pink paint weeds/Maerls
Leathesia difformis
Punctured ball weed (mushes when broken)
Colpomenia peregrina
Oyster thief (Splits when broken)
Ceramium spp.
Banded pincer weeds
Polysiphonia spp.
Siphon weeds
Phycodrys rubens
Sea oak (Red)
Cytsoceira spp.
Bushy wracks
Chorda filum
Mermaids tresses/Bootlace weed
Fucus spiralis
Spiraled wrack
Ascophyllum nodosum
Egg wrack/Knotted wrack
Polysiphonia lanosa
Epiphyte on A. nodosum
Dichyota dichotoma
Divided net weed ( like a finer, brown C.crispus )
Rhodothamniella floridula
Sand binder
Patella vulgata
Common limpet
Semibalanus balanoides
Acorn barnacle
Chthamalus montagui
Montagu's stellate barnacle
Chthamalus stellatus
Poli's stellate barnacle
Austrominius modestus
New zealand invasive barnacle
Gibbula umbilicalis
Flat top shell
Gibbula cineraria
Grey top shell
Hinia reticulata
Netted dog whelk
Nucella lapillis
Dog whelk
Littorina littorea
Common periwinkle
Littorina saxitilis
Rough periwinkle
L. obtusata or mariae
Flat periwinkle or L. mariae
Porcellana platycheles
Broad-clawed porcellain crab
Family -Panguroidea
Hermit crab
Dendrodoa grossularia
Baked bean ascidian
Carcinus maenas
Common shore crab
Pomatoceros triqueter
A keel worm
Spirorbis spirorbis
A keel worm with spiral tube
Sabellaria alveolata
Honeycomb worm
Ctenostome bryozoan
Uncalcified soft to touch
Cheiliostome bryozoan
Calcified box-shaped crispy to touch
Cerastoderma edule
Common cockle
Mytilus edulis
Common mussel
Dynamena pumila
Hydrozoan on Fucus spp.
Ostrea edulis
Common oyster
Actinia equina
Beadlet anenome
Sphaeroma serratum
Isopod ( rolls into a ball) Serrated uropod
Gammarus spp.
Amphipod ( black, kidney-shaped eye)
Venerupsis senegalensis
Carpet pullet shell
Lepidonotus spp.
Scaleworm (polychaete)
Necora puber
Devil crab( red eyes, blue dorsal), velvet swimming crab
Lepidochitona cinerea
Pholis gunnellus
Lineus longissimus
Bootlace worm
Palaemon spp.

If you are looking for any of these organisms and you overturn rocks to view them, don't forget to return the rock to it's original position to protect the animals sheltering underneath.

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